Friday, May 17, 2013


You are my sand; you are my sea
You hold the heart that beats in me
You are my wind; you are my sun
You have been my rock since day one
I can’t believe 11 months have passed
Yet, what we share is meant to last
I long to see what lies ahead
Down this romantic course we tread.

You are my angel without wings
You magnify life’s simpler things
You are my jewel; you are a pearl
You are my one and only, BOY
I can’t believe that you are mine
Each day, you are my Valentine
11 months ago, our path began
And, I am proud to be your GIRL.

You are my life; you are my breath
I’ll love you ‘til there’s nothing left
Each moment that we share is grand
Our lives as blessed as God had planned
11 months ago, 17th JUN was the date
The day our hearts gave way to fate
Next to a mountain, I am small
But, with you, H my love, I have it all.

I LOVE YOU  and i will always be there with you myheroodutus,my yayang,my pak kassim,my cayang kuu,my beloved baby hubby, my kookoo, my millymoo,my momok ,my boo`ba :P
my angel, my life, my baby, my soul, my heart, my heartbeat, my breath, my need, my smile,
my happiness, my joy, my comfort, my relieve, my hope, my dreams, my strenght, my weakness,
my courage, my treasure, my most precious jewel, my eyes, my lungs, my sun, my moon,
my stars, my light, my princess, my gift, my queen, my pride, my guide, my thougts, my fate,
my destiny, my pearl, my believe, my oceans, my day, my night, my evening,

You are all i need and you are all i have mi love
Without you i cannot live a day,
And by your side i will forever stay,
loving you forever and ever no matter what

Your’s and only yours forever
~ieya ( mak enonn a.k.a sayang )